Collection: Ethera collection

Pushing the boundaries of conventional jewellery as adornment, Ethera collection illustrates the most metaphysical concept of them all: the soul. In a fusion of intertwining wirework and cascading pearls, the pieces illustrate the contrast between the body and the spirit. With intricately woven silverwork serving as mere support for the diaphanous pearls and moonstones that seem to defy gravity, Ethera emphasizes what truly matters. For it is not the complex physical beauty that holds the power, but the deep, ethereal essence of being.



Photoshoot credits:

  • Photographer & videographer: Pavels Orlovs
  • Models: Kadidiatou Compaore, Stephany Kaus
  • Stylist: Rebecca Evanswhite
  • Make up artist: Malak Cakil
  • Associate photographer & videographer: Henrik Fisun