Size Guide

Most jewellery by Bianca Maria Bolum is either one size or adjustable, which allows for easy modifications to suit a variety of sizes. However, certain items come in a fixed size, so make sure to check the dimensions in the product description before ordering to ensure the sizing is as expected. Due to the pieces being all one-of-a-kind, there are no multiple sizes to choose from. However, if a piece you'd love to have doesn't fit, please contact Bianca and she will be more than happy to make a custom-sized item just for you, which would ensure a perfect fit, especially for ear cuffs and rings.

Here is how you can find out your ring size. There are two methods:

1. Measure a ring you already own.

The easiest way of working out your own ring size is to measure the diameter of a ring you already own, that fits the finger you want your new ring on. Here is how:

• Measure the ring diameter in mm using a rule/tape measure

• Using the measurement, check the letter sizing with the UK size chart below.

• Alternatively you can download and print this scale ring size guide to compare the inner diameter of your ring to the circles in the guide.

2. Measure your finger.

If you don’t have an existing ring you can measure, this simple technique will help you find out your size:

• Wrap a strip of paper securely around your finger, just above the knuckle. It shouldn't be too loose or uncomfortably tight. Use a piece of paper that’s about ¾ inch wide and 4 inches long or download, print and cut out a ring sizer such as the one below.

• Carefully mark where the ends meet, then unfurl the paper - or if you’ve used a ring sizer, read the value on the sizer that the arrow points to, where the paper is pulled tight.

• Measure from mark to mark on the paper to find your circumference (mm) or take the value you already have and check your size on the chart below