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Bianca-Maria Bolum is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and jeweller. Starting with an academic background in fine arts in Romania, she began her career in jewellery with a bachelor degree in Fashion Jewellery from University of the Arts London.  She is currently working as junior jeweller and silversmith at Elliot Fitzpatrick within the Goldsmiths' Centre London. Simultaneously, she runs her own independent jewellery brand and undertakes bespoke commissions. Her designs have so far been exhibited at Budapest Jewellery Week 2022, Cluster Jewellery Fair London 2022, Slovenian Jewelry Week 2023 and Romanian Jewellery Week Special Edition 2023.

Her design ethos is built on a subtle critique of the superficial fashion industry. It is an attempt to create positive change from within, challenge convention and provoke thought. Bianca's work uses the body as canvas for wearable art pieces. As a maker, she works at the intersection between craftsmanship and novelty with ethical production in mind. She aims to incorporate her background in fine arts into a body of work that delivers a multidimensional experience for the mind, body and soul.

Turning ideas into wearable art

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Outside the workshop...

Besides being passionate about designing and handcrafting your art jewellery, Bianca also loves travelling, plays piano and guitar, paints watercolours, lifts weights and is an avid reader.

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