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Bianca Maria Bolum Art Jewellery

Twin Princesses earcuff

Twin Princesses earcuff

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The seventh piece of Postmodern Rite of Passage collection, inspired by the Romanian fairy tale 'Povestea lui Harap Alb' and the challenges of contemporary young adults.

In the seventh challenge, the hero has to prove he deserves the emperor's daughter as a wife in a truly difficult task. The Red Emperor presents him the princess and an identical clone of hers. He asks Harap Alb to identify the clone, upon which she would be killed immediately, and the real princess would welcome him as her husband. Having previously shown kindness to the Queen Bee, Harap Alb calls her and her workers to help. Using a bee trick, the Queen finds the fake princess and Harap Alb is able to make the correct decision. He may now have the Red Princess as his wife.

Back to the postmodern world, our young heroine is also faced with a difficult challenge as she matures: picking wholesome friends and maintaining healthy and long-lasting friendships. But in her story, there is no magical creature to tell her about the fakes...

Hand carved wax cast in copper with sterling silver plating, hand woven copper and silver wire, hand cast epoxy resin with friendship bracelet insert. 

Dimensions: 15.5 x 6 x 2.5 CM 

Weight: 91g

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