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Bianca Maria Bolum Art Jewellery

Bejewelled Stag tiara

Bejewelled Stag tiara

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The second  piece of Postmodern Rite of Passage collection, inspired by the Romanian fairy tale 'Povestea lui Harap Alb' and the challenges of contemporary young adults.

In the second challenge of the traditional fairy tale, the hero is sent to hunt the stag embellished with gemstones and bring his precious head to the Red Emperor. In the contemporary quest of adulthood, the heroine has to be presentable and look attractive at all times. She herself becomes the beautiful trophy that others seek to win, pressured by societal norms.

Wire wrapped copper and sterling silver, hand carved wax cast in copper, lipstick pieces hand cast in epoxy resin.

Dimensions: 18 x 24 x 20 cm

Weight: 184 g


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