Sustainability & Ethics

Bianca Maria Bolum always aims at creating wearable art in an ethical manner that is kind to the planet, celebrates its diversity of people and protects cultural heritage.

Her jewellery is all carefully handcrafted in England by herself, in a very limited quantity of one-of-a-kind pieces. They are made using recycled metals, mostly sterling silver or pure silver, hallmarked by the Assay Office London to certify the highest standard of metal. The designs are all made to last for years to come, with a complementary professional clean offered biannually. No plastic is used in packaging and postage, and all boxes and paper are fully recyclable.

Bianca strives towards preserving the craft of jewellery and silversmithing, integrating traditional themes into contemporary designs and using highly skilled processes that have been passed down by generations. She is always aiming at making her process more sustainable within the limits of her small independent business.

If you want to know more about her practice, do not hesitate to contact and she will be happy to answer more in-depth queries.